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Fun Spycam - SPY LIGHTER CAMERA 4500

One more again fun spycam that you can mine :)
DESCRIPTION Cigarette lighter camera that will take full motion video for 2 hours AND light your cigarette at the same time! Amaze your friends at the afterparty when you bust out with video clips of them at the bar. 

Spycam- Lighter

Dimension: 64.5mm (L) * 38.4mm (W) * 18.4mm (H)
Normal Lighter look makes it ideal for a variety of surveillance uses.
It is great for use as a hidden camera, spy cam etc.
Real time recording 30 F/S in AVI video format (1280x960,)
Color video with voice lets you clearly see who’s there & hear what they say.
There is no long cord for you to hide or Wireless frequency to detect.
Uses micro SD card from 128MB to 8GB ( 2GB included)
Playback video on cell phone or PC
Camera Technical Parameter
Video Compression° AVI video format, 1280x960 , / 30fps
Voice Recording: High quality digital voice recording.
Internal Memory° No
Micro SD card / T-Flash card support° 128MB to 8GB ( 2GB included)
Recording Mode° Continuous recording until memory is full or manually turn off
Video File Size° >500KB per minute Lighter DVR Bottom.

Adaptor Type° USB adaptor ( Built In) Plus charging cable ( Computer USB Port Charging)
Battery Type° Lithium-ion
Record Time° Up to 2 hours battery life but can record 8 hours on a 8 GB micro SD card. 
Memory Parameters
Micro SD / T-Flash card support: 128 MB to 8 GB
Video file size : > 500 KB per minute
Internal Memory : NO

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