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Creative using a wireless camera with microphone

         This morning i browse  for wireless camera. Then i found an interseting camera. I foud it in Amazone,com. It is Tiny and wireless, this inconspicuous camera offers effective surveillance protection. Form the site informed that It has an operative range of 150 feet, providing full motion, real-time, color video with no delay. It is easily concealed and the built-in microphone provides great sound quality that's perfect for presentations or interviews. So i think is very good for monitoring our room.
 For the money, this is a great little system. Easy, out of the box setup, nothing to it. Video was surprisingly good. I checked it out on two different TV's. One is an older 36" CRT Panasonic, the other a 32" LCD Sharp. No interference from the interior of the home was detected. (You know, it transmits through walls, ect..) Got this to keep an eye on the teenagers still living at home. Man, they are going to think I have a 6th sense! The audio works great too. Wish I would have bought a larger multi-camera system. In fact I am considering that now for other projects. For under $40 bucks, I don't think you can go wrong. Don't expect Hi Def, but it really is quite good.

Unfortunately i never buy it. But maybe sometimes. So if you have tested maybe you want ti share us :) about your experiences use this wireless camera.
For more info : check this amazone link. 
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