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Portable Digital Microscope Bigc Dino-Lite AM413T-FVW / Fluorescent UV Camera 10X ~200X

            I have found a good microscope from amazone web. This Models, AM413TL-FVW and AM413T-FVW  feature both white and fluorescent ultra-violet LED lighting in a single device. The option of viewing magnified objects under normal LED  (light Emiting Diodes) white light or fluorescent ultra violet lighting by simply switching from one to the other. The new enhanced UV filtering system provides improved fluorescence contrasting for use in forensics, biomedical or machine vision applications. The ability to switch from white light to fluorescent UV as well as on/off provides the user task flexibility and versatility. These two new models is also completed with calibrated measurement and all of the other standard features found in the Dino-Lite line of digital microscopes. 

          This cool device, The AM413TL-FVW ("L" series) is designed for use at greater working distance than non- "L" series. So it is an ideal gadget for scientific, medical and engineering research  as well as industrial quality control, dermatology (skin/scalp) exam, law enforcement (counterfeit ID, crime lab, CSI, etc). It can be used in conjunction with detecting counterfeit currency as well as other forms of documents such as; valid identification, tickets lottery, concert or event tickets, travelers checks, credit cards, passports, forgeries and countless possibilities. Make your imagination! Included with each Dino-Lite digital microscope is a copy of the "DinoCapture" software which will allow you to "capture" either a photograph, video or time-lapsed video with a simple click!. A nice step i think.

So if you want to know check this in amazon :). Then lets share your experiences using this cool devices :)
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