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Infra Red Webcam : A How to Make This

I have a bad experience how to convert normal webcam into infra red webcam. I have trial and error way so the result is my webcam become broken :D. So if you want to do this maybe you can follow this way which i think it is a better way : 1. Get a Webcam. 2. Open the webcam casing.
3. Unscrew the lens assembly from the camera PCB.
4. Remove the small piece of glass that appears to reflect red light, on the back of the lens.
5. Cut two pieces of black photographic negative the same size as the glass you just removed
6. Fit the negative pieces where the glass was.
7. Re-assemble the camera. Be sure to use either daylight or incandescent lighting and the webcam will now see in infrared. If you leave the negative squares out the only color the camera will pick up is red, black, and white. This tutorial i get from the reference at HOW TO
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