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Spy Micro Camera - incluided Micro Audio & Video Recorder

Spy? It's become easier since optical technology become advanced from some years agao. One kind is this micro camera.

Advanced innovative technology combined with the  micro video and audio circuitry provides stellar high resolution color video in an ultra tiny housing. Streamlined design is easy to operate and convenient to carry with you where ever you go. With our Micro PI Cam Stick you can capture video with the push of a button.
Other facilities is ability of viewing video directly from the recorder by attaching it directly to your PC with the included USB cable. Simply download QuickTime Player 7.0 or higher free to view your videos.
Always be prepared to capture video on the fly. Carry with you on secret missions, covert video observations, vacation or capture video memories with family and friends. This discrete micro camera is the worlds smallest camcorder.

  source :
  • Video & Audio Recording.
  • Ultra Micro Size
  • Capture video for pleasure or work purposes
  • Pocket clip for convenient mounting
Simple Operation
  1. Charge Battery with included USB adaptor
  2. Slide power button to on position
  3. Push record button to start recording
  4. Push Record button again to discontinue recording
  5. Slide power button to off position to save
  6. Connect device to a PC via provided USB cable
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