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Cool camera : An Alarm clock SD card video camera recorder

Spy cam ? It's become more complicated like as this camera :) :

This Video camera with its built in SD card recorder has the widest viewing angle we have ever seen, it can see an amazing 140 degrees with its wide angle hidden lens, this is over twice the normal standard.

With the 8GB card supplied It can record over 4 hours of high definition video and audio which is ample for most investigations but for longer recordings it can take upto a 32GB SD card.

Even though it is battery operated it can record for ten hours on a full charge.
I.R.remote control used to stop and start recording, motion detect recording, take picture or audio only. 

The display alternates between the time and date as well as showing the temparature and at the press of a button a voice anounces the time.

Playing back the video files is simple using your own laptop or pc, simply connect the unit up to a USB input or read the sd card via the sd to USB convertor supplied.

Please note:- Playback is not supported for this unit on our current Hand held spy camera players.

Size: 120 x 80 x25mm

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