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Super Camera : Manually opperated MattWax hidden spy camera recorder

It's reaaley an incredible camera :

Price: £199.00
Manually operated spy cameras are not as convenient to use as remote controlled or fully automatic types but they are considerablly simpler to make and this is reflected in the cost.

However, having said that they do produce amazingly good results and can run for several hours on a full charge. This camera with its 8GB internal memory can record up to three hours of high definition video.
Opperation is simple, first remove the inner wax tray and press the power and start buttons, a yellow led will flash three times before it goes out completely, this tells you that the camera is now recording correctly so the tray and lid can be replaced and the camera set in place.
The camera can be switched off at any time or simply wait until the memory is full and the camera will save the recordings and switch off automatically.

Size 47mm x 60mm dia.

Reference : microspy
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